When you consider outsourcing some or all of your technology needs, you need to know that whoever you choose will be a trusted partner not just now–but in the future as well. When you work with Texas Data Solutions, you’re getting the expertise from our highly-trained team plus the knowledge that we’ve been in business for more than 13 years in the Houston area.

Save Time, Save Money

When you work with a trusted partner, you’re ensuring a higher level of uptime for your staff–which means higher productivity levels and better overall customer service. Wouldn’t it be great to never have to worry about whether or not your website is going to crash again today? Or whether you can finish that upgrade in time to take advantage of a seasonal sales cycle?

Budget-Friendly Options

Since 2003, we have been looking for ways to save businesses in the Houston area money, and one of the best ways that we have found is through proactive maintenance–instead of fixing problems after they break. We are able to keep your software patches and updates on track so you’ll always have the latest and greatest virus definitions and all the loopholes will be closed to keep you safe from cybercriminals. By budgeting a low monthly payment all year long, you’re not going to be surprised by hefty bills to fix a problem when it occurs; depending on your level of service, we will just take care of it for you.

True Partnership

Our team has complementary skill sets, so instead of getting just one high-level consultant you’re actually getting multiple consultants for the same price! We work together to solve problems and brainstorm solutions based on our specific areas of expertise. We value integrity, commitment, and quality and guarantee to deliver these values with each interaction with our customers.

Learn more about Texas Data Solutions and how we can help your business continue to grow and be productive when you reach out to us at info@texasdatasolutions.com or (713) 344-1466 for your free consultation!