Helping You Hit Production Targets

Texas Data Solutions serves Manufacturing Firms across Houston


Manufacturing Firms like yours are the backbone of our economy. Your success is essential, and our mission is to support your success through technology!

Over the years, technology has become an increasingly critical component of the manufacturing process. Every stage of the manufacturing process is touched by business technology, and is – to one extent or another – dependent upon it.

  • Tracking purchasing and inventory
  • Running automation
  • Keeping the office humming
  • Dealing with distribution
  • Communicating with global partners

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  • Keep safe from hackers
  • Backup data automatically
  • Access executive-level, I.T. impacted business advice
  • Never see an “update now” screen again
  • Relax knowing that your system is constantly monitored for anomalies
  • Depend on us to deal with your I.T. vendors for you
  • Get the help you need when you need it
  • Rely on a budgetableT. expense
  • Relax – knowing your I.T. is under control

Are you or one of your team tasked with doing your company’s I.T. in ADDITION to your regular duties? Maybe you have a dedicated I.T. department that is overburdened and can’t get out of the weeds to help you with the big, strategic projects that you need to tackle.

Whether you need someone to care for your whole I.T. or someone to supplement your in-house I.T. department, we can help!

Call the Texas Data Solutions I.T. professionals today at (713) 344-1466 or send an email to We’d be happy to discuss your manufacturing firm’s unique technology support needs.