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"As an engineer, Texas Data Solutions was my first and only choice for IT consulting. I’ve known the owner, Aaron LaLonde, for many years and I knew he could handle the IT demands for my company. IT for an engineering company can be difficult and demanding. I needed to make sure I had an innovative and reliable IT provider who was up for the challenge. Deciding to partner with Texas Data Solutions was definitely the right choice – I’ve recommended them to many friends and associates.

Texas Data Solutions has not only provided my team with the right tech hardware, but has also saved our company a considerable amount of money in doing so. These savings have been extremely helpful to us as a growing company.

The services provided by Texas Data Solutions have been even more stellar than I expected. My experience with IT consultants and providers in the past simply doesn't measure up. I am continually pleased with the professionalism and responsiveness that Texas Data Solutions provides my firm with. I hope every company has the same innovative and reliable service that we’ve experienced. For those that don’t, I would absolutely recommend Texas Data Solutions.

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Trent Perez, Owner & Operator
PRD Land Development.

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"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the fine service that you have provided to my firm. I am not very sophisticated when it comes to the technology we use in this office. You and your team have made our systems and software work seamlessly. You have been able to explain to me, in simple terms, the reasons that we use what we use and what we use and the reasons for when we have had to alter/update our systems. Most importantly, you have been responsive to our problems and concerns. We can rely on you to provide fast and reasonably priced service when we need it most. Thank you for making this relationship work so well. Continued good luck with your business. We have thoroughly enjoyed working you and Your team."

Andrew P McCormick

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"For more than 14 years we have been using Aaron Lalonde and his team at Texas Data Solutions to handle our complete IT needs from service, product review, product purchases (software and hardware), installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and operation. Their attention to detail has met and exceeded all our needs. Issues invariably arise after hours and on weekends – they are always there to fix whatever problem arises timely and cost efficiently. I highly recommend them!"

Brook F. Minx, Managing Shareholder

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"We have been in business for many years (64), IT management and expense is a top priority for us. We can't run our business without the use of online ordering and online credit processing. Yet, we don't have an unlimited budget for this type of business activity. Texas Data Solutions and Aaron LaLonde began working with us back in 2000 to help resolve problems and needs without busting our budget. They have always been professional and fair with us and treat us with mutual respect. I am quite comfortable in recommending Texas Data Solutions services for computer and IT services, they provide excellent service."

D. M. Rambo, President

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"I have worked with Texas Data Solutions as my law firm's IT partner for many years. I have been very impressed with their creative solutions, responsiveness when computer issues arise, and ability to problem solve."

Nick Lanza

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