There are a lot of different options in the Houston area if you’re looking for a managed services provider–so why should you choose Texas Data Solutions?

We have been offering businesses a commitment to integrity, quality and cooperation since 2003 and we welcome the opportunity to help support the business technology needs of your organization.


At Texas Data Solutions, you are always in the driver’s seat. Even if you are outsourcing the majority of your technology infrastructure to our team, we always stay conscious of who is in charge, and our team is respectful of your decisions. We love having the opportunity to have open dialog with our customers so we can make recommendations that we believe will help support the positive ongoing operations of your business.

Efficient Operations

One of the most exciting things that a technology professional can do is optimize a process for efficiency, and we regularly look for ways that we can support a more efficient and effective operation for our clients. We truly believe in a partnership, where we are proactively looking for recommendations that will improve your overall business processes and the health of your business.

Next-Gen Solutions

Technology is evolving quickly, and we stay up on the changes in the future so we can understand how they impact the businesses we work with. Don’t get surprised with a required platform upgrade or suddenly discover the hard way that a recent patch covered a serious security flaw. Instead, allow our team to proactively manage your licenses and platforms.

Our goal is to be more than simply another technology vendor–we want to be your partner in business. When we find resources or solutions that we believe can help support your business, we’ll bring them to you, not vice versa. Let us tackle the daily support of your networking and infrastructure so you can get back to growing your business to be more competitive in the future.

Contact us today at or (713) 344-1466 for your free initial consultation and you’ll see why our clients love Texas Data Solutions!